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Aninda De and Mohana Das

Her: Planner & navigator. Picky eater. Proponent of bhaat-ghum, flânerie, and queuing.

Him: Budget handler & food critic. Loves dogs and superheroes. On the lookout for sexy loos and free bhuri-bhoj.

I didn’t travel much as a child although my father was in the Indian Railways and we were entitled to a certain number of subsidised train tickets around the year. In the summer, we travelled on the Darjeeling Mail to my maternal grandparents in Haldibari. In the fall, during Durga Puja, we travelled on the Katihar Express to Katihar and onwards to Kasba in a rickety train that reeked of goat excreta all the time. Every winter, we went on picnics with my father’s colleagues. We would go to places like Mayapur and Sobuj Dweep. In those days, we would have acres to ourselves unlike now when India’s unprecedented population growth and increased connectivity means everybody is jostling for space. My first trip was to Puri in the summer of 1995. Surprisingly, Aninda was in Puri that summer too! My trip to Puri was the first and only vacation, excluding our yearly trips to see my grandparents in Haldibari and Kasba, I went on with my mother. We lost her the next fall. Perhaps I got my wanderlust genes from my mother. She studied in Darjeeling and went on college trips to the Andaman and Nicobar Islands! It wasn’t until late in my adolescent years when the pressure of school led to our yearly trips and winter picnics being cancelled that I realized how much I loved to travel. And how much I loved trains!

In 2013, I won a writing contest organized by Tourism Victoria and flew to Melbourne on my first flight ever. Freedom never tasted sweeter! In 2015, Kissan in partnership with Untravelled India took me to Sikkim to visit Gangtok and to explore the peaceful hamlet of Rinchenpong. Then in the fall of 2016, I moved to Corvallis in Oregon to pursue a degree in Creative Writing. Two years later, I am ready to return to Calcutta and explore India, the country I’ve always longed to see up close but never quite succeeded.


Between the two of us, we have worked as Content Developer, Social Media Strategist, Curriculum Reviewer and Faculty Consultant, Teaching Assistant for English Composition and Introduction to Poetry Writing, Freelance Writer, and Software Test Analyst.

We are advocates of slow travel and plan to explore India overland, unhurriedly and thoughtfully, in the next couple of years.

This blog explores our love for travel, tiffin, and each other.

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The Two Together Manifesto

  1. Travel slowly.
  2. Be curious.
  3. Practise empathy.
  4. Be a good listener.
  5. Eat and buy local. #supportlocal
  6. Travel responsibly and sustainably.
  7. Learn (languages, recipes, traditions…)
  8. Smile!

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